Angel and wild geese

The geese are so damn noisy this time of year, I don’t need an alarm clock. They are everywhere in pairs. Honking, fighting and mating all day long.

I’m moored outside the Narrowboat, a great little waterside pub in Angel, North London. The fish and chips is superb. It’s one of my favourite areas to stay: it’s a safe place to leave the boat; a tube station and launderette are nearby; there’s a Borders bookshop where I can spend all evening reading magazines and which has a good nautical section; near the station is a narrow road with interesting antique shops, delicatessens and pubs; and the restaurants and cafes are appealing. It’s got everything I need.

I’m getting comfy here but the law says I can only stay in one place for two weeks at a time and my time’s up. So tomorrow I travel to Limehouse Basin.

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