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At (a shorter, more memorable URL would be nice) you’ll find Canal Planner, an incredibly versatile journey-planning website backed by a comprehensive database of waterways features.

I’ve only made relatively short trips on just a few waterways so I never used it before; a copy of the relevant Nicholson’s guide was sufficient. But now I’m considering taking Bristol Fashion up to Yorkshire and have a choice of routes, Canal Planner is proving very useful. I now know that there are twice as many locks going via Stoke on Trent than via Nottingham. I have some idea of how long it will take and where would be good places along the way to stop for the night.

There are so many options – size of boat, your usual cruising speed and so on – but Canal Planner doesn’t calculate how much longer it takes if you stop off at every canalside pub on the way.

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  1. says:

    I agree it’s great, Jason. Agreed, too, that the URL needs shortening.

    But the name is ‘Canalplan’, and you can reach it via

    Actually, its official name is “Canalplan AC”. Can you guess why Nick Atty calls it that? I don’t want to spoil the fun by telling!


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