Cost of pumpout has doubled

Last time I bought a pumpout card it was six pounds. This week I went into the floating cafe at Little Venice and bought a card, for which they charged me twelve pounds. That’s right, British Waterways have doubled the cost. How can anyone justify doubling the cost of anything? Nothing suddenly becomes twice as expensive.

It’s not as if I could choose not to buy one, I have to empty the sewage tank regularly. As the saying goes: if you gotta go you gotta go. And to add insult to injury, when I actually used the pumpout at Little Venice, it gave me nothing like the full eight minutes. If BW have to double the cost, could they also double the time the machines give you to get the job done.

I won’t be eating at the floating cafe again for a while. Nothing personal, I love the place, it’s not your fault BW upped the price of the cards, it’s just that I can’t afford to produce too many waste products for a while.

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