Disused swing bridge

This old, overgrown swing bridge is just north of Leighton Buzzard.
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  1. says:

    Hi Jason
    I have just found your site – it makes a fascinating record of your travels! I run a hobby website through which I am trying to create a comprehensive hostorical and photographic record of movable bridges in the British Isles. I now have reports of over 1200 such bridges. As the number grows it is seeming ever more impossible for me personally nto get round the country to photograph every bridge myself.
    Many of the images I do display on my website have been sent to me by contributors. I always acknowledge the source of donated images and state who owns the copyright.
    I was wondering if you would be willing to allow me to ue the image of the disused bridge near Leighton Buzzard, and whether you have any more images of this bridge from other angles, or of any other movable bridges. I have seen your photo of Winkwell bridge, but already have several photos of that one.
    Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.
    My website is non-commercial and run entirely at my own expense.


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