Flooding in York

These are the moorings beside the museum gardens in York. The towpath is flooded, hidden below about a metre and a half’s rise in the water level.

Flooded River Ouse in York

I had some difficulty getting back on board, had to borrow another boat’s gang plank.

I’d slackened off the mooring ropes last night, and fortunately another boater (thanks Narrowboat Olympus) had slackened them even further. Drove the boat to a safer spot, and the water seems to be receding. But I’ll be watching out tonight in case the water level suddenly drops, or more rain brings even worse flooding.

York’s had it much worse than this of course.

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2 Responses to Flooding in York

  1. Tim Whaley says:

    Good to see another blog with some northern content! I’m hoping you have your stove fitted now? That must have been pretty naff with just the central heating! Are you back at Clarence Dock this winter??


  2. admin says:

    Yes, back in Clarence Dock. No stove but have got electric radiators backing up the diesel central heating. Quite toasty enough.

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