Leaving Islington Tunnel

Islington Tunnel by narrowboat

Just drive like the clappers and the wash of your boat will ensure that she stays exactly in the middle of the tunnel.

That was the advice I was given. Didn’t work. There seems to be a kink in the middle of the tunnel, or maybe that was my imagination. Your imagination does seem a bit overactive when you’re in the pitch dark surrounded by water.

Glad we fixed the problem with the headlamp; last time I drove through Islington Tunnel it was with three battery operated torches strapped to the front of the boat.

A few tips: open all your curtains and put all your lights on: then you can see the sides of the tunnel better and avoid bumping into them; make sure your headlamp is pointed upwards a bit so you don’t blind oncoming boats; and sing “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?” very loudly as you drive through the tunnel.

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