Arrived at Leeds winter mooring, at last

Finally made it back to Leeds, Clarence Dock, the Royal Armouries and our winter mooring. We would have been here six weeks ago if it hadn’t been for the canal freezing over, so it’s great to finally arrive, tie up the boat, connect to the electric point and relax. This will be our home for the next few months.

Clarence Dock in Leeds

We’d paid in advance for the winter mooring, £200 a month, so I hope that British Waterways will give us a refund for the period we were unable to use our mooring, or allow us to extend our stay.

This time of year you have to book in advance for two chaps in a van from British Waterways to come out and help you through the locks. We were booked to travel yesterday and had our narrowboat in the first lock waiting for them, but found out when we phoned the office that no-one was coming due to staff shortages.

Today thankfully they turned up and did a great job of locking us through to Leeds. We travelled from Rodley to Leeds, a five mile trip. With the BW guys helping, it only takes a few hours to go through three staircases and several single locks. There was still a sheet of thin ice in one area, so we must have been the first boat to come through since the freeze.

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  1. Lofty says:

    well ok so leeds.. and.. sheesh its like the last page in that murder novel.. ya know the one that hancock tried to read?.. lol Hoping you all survived.. and are ready to continue into the rest of the year….

    oh and i`m not really jealous..!.. well ok maybe a bit…


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