Life on land

I’ve been living on land for the last couple of months while Bristol Fashion is at Whilton Marina, lined up with dozens of other boats for sale. What with all the rain we’ve had lately I thought I should check on the boat so I travelled up to Whilton.

As it happens she was fine, there wasn’t much water in the bilge and nothing leaking anywhere. It was strange to stay on an empty boat with no pictures on the walls, empty cupboards, no food in the fridge.

I miss my boat. Not knowing where I’d be mooring at night, life used to be so delightfully random, just heading in one direction until dusk then staking the boat to the towpath.

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3 Responses to Life on land

  1. Andy says:

    Jeez – I’m a big fan of your site. Have been logging on regularly here in NZ for months. Am intrigued to know what happened. Why the sudden shift in direction? How about the boat? She sold yet? I’d be keen on the dutch barge style of narrowboat – but the time isn’t quite right to return to Blighty just yet. Got some keen sailing to do here first on my trimaran!! Anyway, best wishes – love your work!!

  2. admin says:

    I went freelance as a web designer six months ago, have started getting a lot more work and need constant broadband access and mains electricity.

    I could have moved onto a marina but what’s the point? I bought the boat so I could travel. So I’ve decided to move back on land instead.

    Living on a boat may not be an option any more but I plan to take up sailing instead and have the occasional boating holiday – a trimaran in New Zealand sounds like fun, I’m envious!

  3. navyseal says:

    nice blog. i miss my boat too

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