Lift bridges on the Oxford Canal

I don’t know whether any other canals have them, but I’ve not seen a lift bridge anywhere except on the Oxford Canal.

Lift bridge on the Oxford Canal

The Oxford Canal, with its narrow locks that only allow one boat at a time through, it’s occasional lift bridges, and its winding path, can be a slow canal to travel.

Fortunately many of the lift bridges are left open by default. They’re also well balanced, not that heavy and you don’t have to be strong to work them. If you’re driving solo they’re a nuisance; it’s much easier if one person can go ahead and hold the lift bridge open while someone else drives the boat through.

Some of the lift bridges are now locked so you’ll need your BW key handy. There’s even an automated lift bridge when you reach Thrupp (and while you’re there, pop into the canalside cafe for some tasty Welsh tea bread).

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  1. Hi. we have a fair few lift bridges, swing bridges and even a sliding bridge on the South Yorkshire Navaigation. Starting at Keadby at the junction with the River Trent most of the swing bridges are electrical powered. The sliding railway bridge is controlled by a railway signal box and is hydraulic. The only swing bridge is at the Sheffield canal basin and is operated with a windlass.


    Mick and Mags

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