London’s Canal Museum

Passed today through the locks at Camden and St Pancras then arrived at Battlebridge Basin. Took a chance and drove right in, hoping that the mooring outside the London Canal Museum would be free. Couldn’t help boasting as I maneuvred in perfectly, letting the breeze gently push the boat for the last few yards. (Let’s draw a veil over the departure except to say that no I wasn’t drunk and no antique tugs were actually damaged).

It’s a smaller museum than I expected but well worth a look round. It has the added interest of having once been an ice cream maker’s warehouse and retains a huge well where ice was once stored. They have a programme of interesting talks and walks and if you can’t actually visit the musem take a look at their website and its temporary webxibitions.

Leaving the museum I drove through Islington tunnel (960 yards) and emerging at the other end the driver of a waiting boat shouted out “That’s a record. Slowest ever through the tunnel.”

Ended up in Angel as evening fell.

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