Marinas and wireless Internet

I’m at Whilton Marina for a few days, cleaning the boat, boxing up some of my belongings and showing a few prospective buyers around.

While I’m here I have to get some work done too so I was really pleased to find that the marina has wireless Internet. They have two separate signals, one in their cafe and one that emanates from their office, so they give a good coverage. Best of all, wifi is free to boaters.

Last time I stayed in a marina that offered wifi, they used the Just Yachts service which charges (and charges plenty) for patchy delivery and in my case took my credit card details and then didn’t give me anything back; and of course the 24 hour helpline wasn’t available.

A message to marinas: it’s very easy to set up and offer free Internet access and you don’t need to pay a company to manage it for you. You may have to pay your local geek twenty quid to install it for you – but you certainly don’t need Just Yachts.

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