Moor in the breach than in the observance

Congratulations to British Waterways (and their chap called Matthew) for being especially busy the last few weekends putting notices on boats for licence evasion and mooring offences. I, like many boaters, applaud that you’re policing the canal system so vigorously.

Having said that, I have to admit you got me twice this month. Once outside the Swan and Bottle pub in Uxbridge when I stayed two nights on a one day mooring and again when I left the boat the whole weekend on the overnight mooring at Cowley.

Sorry. Won’t do it again.

Top marks for the red warning stickers that peel off leaving no mark on the windows; I once got a notice in Maidenhead and it took half an hour to scrape off the sticker, which leaked gooey yellow chemicals into the river as it came off.

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