More repairs

Bristol Fashion is at Tim Barfield’s marina again, opposite Tagg’s Island, being repaired.

Lately I’ve had a lot of water in the bilge and I asked the boatyard to find out where it was coming from. It turns out that a pressure valve is broken. That probably explains why water pumps mysteriously turn themselves on at night for a few seconds, waking me up. Water has been overflowing under pressure into the bilge. Aside from replacing the valve I’ve had a hole cut through the steel under the gunwhale so that the overflow pipe now sends water flowing outside the boat rather than flooding inside it. That seems to have fixed the problem.

I also finally had the top half of the galley window replaced, it was vandalised months ago while in Paddington Basin. To save money I chose perspex rather than toughened glass.

I’ve been happy with the service and enjoyed staying here in this very attractive setting while waiting for the work to be completed – but then I haven’t had the bill yet!

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    Hi. Just read your blog cover to cover. Very enjoyable read! A friend of mine has just bought a 30ft narrowboat for pleasure and it has given rebirth to my dream of being a liveaboard. Your blog is inspiring while also being in places a salutary tale, full of timely warnings and lucky escapes. I’m loving it, keep it up!

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