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Lately I’ve been feeling embarrassed at all the scrape marks and rust on the lower half of Bristol Fashion. Not to mention the initials in silver spray-paint where some kid tagged the boat in Camden last weekend. Not exactly ship-shape. So this evening I started painting her.

Before getting started I read a few books and looked for advice on the Internet, from Phil Speight‘s page among others. I’m sure he puts a lovely finish on a boat but it seems like an awful lot of hard work to me. So I ignored all the advice, found a pot of leftover dark green paint in a cupboard and just slapped it all over. In two hours I managed to get one side of the boat done and it already looks so much better. Tomorrow I need to turn the boat round and do the other side.

The name of the boat isn’t anywhere visible and I’m thinking about getting a sign writer to put it on the sides of the cabin. Roses and castles are for traditional boats; should a dutch barge style boat have tulips and windmills instead?

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