Another Paul Widdowson boat in Sheffield

Narrowboat Audrey Too was built by Paul Widdowson.We hadn’t seen another boat by the same builder, but on arriving at Sheffield’s Victoria Quays, we were put near to another Paul Widdowson built boat called Trilby.

Here’s the front deck of Audrey Too. I appreciate the handles cut into the steel to help you get on and off the boat, it’s a great feature.

Narrowboat Audrey Too's front deck

Trilby is very similar in design, with similar but straighter handles, the same t-stud at the front and similar decorative touches on the roof and gas bottle hatch.

Narrowboat Trilby

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  1. Mick says:

    Trilby has a very interesting propeller configuration. Have a chat with the owner if you get chance. I missed them last time they passed through Tinsley Marina. I am interested to find out, just how well the prop works.


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