Repairs done, more problems arise

Bristol Fashion has been in Denham Yacht Station, in Uxbridge, for two weeks. It’s an odd-shaped little boatyard with boats crammed in one against another in a long, narrow cut of water.

J.P. Marine have found and fixed my water leak, the central heating and pumps are working again and the boat is drying out nicely. They’ve given my engine its annual service and it now sounds a lot quieter and smoother. The cost was reasonable and I’m pleased with what they’ve done.

But now I’ve got another problem. There’s been a problem with the gears for a while but it’s worse than ever. The gear lever is very loose, whereas it always used to be quite stiff to move, and it won’t stay in certain positions. When I put the boat in neutral there’s a clanging noise from below, which disappears when I speed up. I can’t drive far like this so it’s back to the boatyard.

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