Selby to York

The River Ouse between Selby and York is a tidal waterway, so some precautions were in order. Checked the anchor was attached to its rope and chain, and ready to deploy if needed. Put the life ring on the roof, within easy reach. Took the phone number of the boater that was accompanying our boat out of the lock. The tank was full of diesel and – because there’s nowhere to stop and put the kettle on – a flask of tea was poured.

The lock only fits two boats. So a couple of narrowboats went out before us, and a couple of cruisers were behind (and soon caught up).

Bridge on River Ouse

My companion boat had been on this river before so I followed it under the bridges. There was a surprising amount of floating junk to avoid, mostly large logs and branches but also a dead cow.

Dead Cow in the River Ouse

Left the tidal section at Naburn Lock, which was effortless to approach and enter, and headed on the final few miles to the city of York.

Naburn Lock

I arrived in York a few hours after departing Selby. The waterfront is lively, with small boats to hire by the hour, big trip and party boats, and rowers. The river is overlooked by cafes, and there’s a floating cafe that puts out tables on the towpath outside the museum gardens. Loved it here so much that we stayed a couple of weeks.


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