Sprotbrough on the River Don

We really love this mooring in Sprotbrough, a few miles from Doncaster. The village is hidden behind woodland, so whilst it’s quiet and secluded, there’s shops nearby. The Boat Inn on the opposite side of the River Don is handy for a coffee and pub meal.

Sprotbrough from road bridge

This view of our boat was taken from the garden of the toll house. which was open today for a small art exhibition.

Sprotbrough garden

Moored near Sprotbrough Lock is a trip boat, which picks up parties opposite the visitor mooring, but thankfully only plays loud 80s music for a short while before heading upstream.

Spotbrough Lock

It’s rained most of the day, so we didn’t go out for the long walk we’d hoped for. The rain, falling straight and fast, made bubbles on the surface of the River Don.

Rain makes bubbles on canal

Only complaint: once again this mooring turns out to be for 48 hours only. Down South there are plenty of two week moorings, but so far in West and South Yorkshire we’re finding those few and far between.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi all.

    Sprottie is a great place to stay, we get there quite often. I always say that the 48 hours is advisory. ;-) We had an interesting time there over easter.


    Enjoy the weather :-(


    Mick -n- Mags

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