Two very straight canals with lift and swing bridges

After travelling on the tidal River Trent from Torksey lock to Keadby Lock, it was a relief to be back on a canal. Having started the journey at 6am it was only lunchtime, so we carried on.

And how straight on the map the Stainforth and Keadby and New Junction canals are, although they’d be quicker to travel if it wasn’t for all the locks, swing bridges and lift bridges. These might be automated, but you still have to jump on and off the boat to operate them. Come on British Waterways, please invent a remote control device that I can lazily wave at a bridge from the approaching bridge!

There were two guillotine gates at either end of an aquaduct, a daunting sight as you glide under them.

Guillotine gates at aquaduct

By dusk we’d managed to travel 40 miles, and that’s a longest journey I ever made in a narrowboat in a single day.

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