What does B.O.A.T. stand for?

Had some repairs done on Bristol Fashion. The shower waste pump had packed in and electrical problems (including a faulty switch) meant I also had no running water or gas hob ignition. Tim Barfield Marina fixed it and the pumps are now running better than ever. Tim also sorted out some battery issues – thankfully the batteries didn’t need replacing – and pumped out some of the water that was collecting below the engine. The bill came to £240 which seems reasonable. While the work’s been carried out I’ve stayed in the marina, with a great view of Tagg’s Island, an electricity hookup and a wireless internet connection.

Before I first picked up the boat I had to pay for a thousand pounds of work, mostly to ensure the boat met safety standards. Last winter I had to get the gas boiler replaced at a cost of about £600. I’ve yet to replace the window that was broken (vandalised?) in Paddington Basin and I’ve got a wishlist of other repairs and improvements for when I can afford it.

Oh yes, what does B.O.A.T. stand for? Bring out another thousand!

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