Winter mooring at Clarence Dock

Alisha and I have decided to buy a winter mooring. This will make life easier for the next four months. We’ll have a base and won’t need to keep cruising the canals looking for the next mooring. We’ll be hooked up to electricity and rarely have to run the engine or switch the diesel heater on so we’ll save on fuel. Plus, Clarence Dock is conveniently located in Leeds for work and getting to the railway station. This is the view from the flood lock at the entrance to the marina:

Flood gate at Clarence Dock, Leeds

Leeds is a ghost town for boats, hardly any narrowboats have passed through and there seems to be nowhere for visitors to moor in the city for more than two days at a time. That was quite a disappointment after having travelled up north through so many towns and cities with sizeable liveaboard communities. There are free 48 hr visitor moorings at Clarence Dock, and £3 a night 48 hr moorings Granary Wharf, both with electrical points, but that’s it.

Maybe when spring comes Leeds will be busy with boats again. Until then, we’ll take a break from travelling and relax for a while.

We purchased the winter mooring through the BW Mooring Vacancies website, where they’re offered on a first come first served basis. You have to register with the website, fill out a short form and send them a cheque.

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